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Safety and Security Window Film

Every facility, regardless of size, construction or location, has areas of vulnerability. Those areas are where attacks can be made on a company’s most valuable assets – their employees, guests or tenants, their property, and their information. And no matter how well guarded, structurally reinforced or fortified, every facility shares the same chief vulnerability – its glass windows.

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Security Window Tint

Windows introduce a number of threats into the workplace. When shattered, razor-sharp glass pieces become airborne, causing injury, property damage, and even fatalities. Then, an opening into a building resulting from a broken window allows for another assortment of potential problems such as robbery, looting and damage from exposure to the elements. Additionally, even without breakage, glass windows are defenseless against a host of new, information-gathering technologies which can be used to rob a company of its intellectual property and secure data.

Armorcoat safety and security window film offers the most complete protection available against these glass-related threats. Consider it an invisible peace of mind. The thick, optically clear barrier film bonds to the inside of windows, helping to keep broken glass safely in place upon impact. And the solar control version can dramatically increase a property’s energy efficiency, reduce solar load, improve climate and diminish glare and heat gain.

Window Film and Window Tinting have been installed in some of the most safety-intensive facilities in the world, including the Pentagon, FBI Building, Department of Energy and numerous other global military and governmental installations. Security Window Tinting is made from only the highest quality materials and is available in a variety of thickness in both the solar control and clear versions.

Armorcoat security window tint offers these invaluable benefits:

● Reinforces glass

● Helps hold broken glass together

● Greatly reduces chances of injury and property damage

● Performs constantly, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year

● Blocks nearly 100% of damaging ultraviolet light

● Solar control version provides additional sun-related benefits

And to increase the level of protection selected for your windows, talk to us about attachment system possibilities. By applying a sealant around the window perimeter and securing the film to the frame as well as the glass, you will increase glass resilience. With a simple professional installation by Arizona Solar Control, your facility can go from a potential disaster target to a fortress of safety for your employees, property and information. This strong, resilient window tint has long been the most trusted name in protection, keeping millions of people around the world protected from the hazards of broken glass.


When an explosion occurs, glass shatters and becomes airborne, causing devastation for anything in its path. The origination of the blast is surprisingly irrelevant – whether at the building itself or at a location several miles away, an overpressure is created, which can blow out windows and project glass particles at speeds up to 150 mph. This is where Armorcoat saves lives.

Because Security Window Tinting is flexible and able to stretch, it can absorb a significant degree of the shock waves from an explosion. Ordinarily the force would push glass inward to the point of breaking, then send shattered glass flying throughout the building’s interior. However, with Armorcoat, even after the glass breaks, the film is able to “bend” with the force of the wave. After it is pushed from the frame, its bond holds the broken glass shards to the film – safely away from people and property in this manner. Armorcoat greatly reduces the risk of injuries and damage during an explosion.


The Armorcoat line also has a special version of safety film that offers protection against a newer, more calculated crime – the theft of intellectual property. With all of the data that is continuously transmitted these days, a new breed of crook has evolved; however, he still uses the weakest point in any facility to gain entry – the glass windows. Armorcoat’s superior composition incorporates full spectrum attenuation technology, putting up an “invisible wall” and protecting your company from having these highly confidential emissions intercepted.

● Radio frequencies, such as PDAs, laptops, computer monitors and other wireless networks

● Optical bandwidth emissions, such as computer monitors and other display screens

● Infrared transmissions from IR communication systems, laser microphones, laptops and PDAs


No matter what industry you’re in, your business is susceptible to vandalism and theft. And to a thief, a broken window is an open door to the valuables locked inside. Your merchandise, electronics equipment, office furniture and other costly materials can all be damaged or gone in a matter of minutes after a criminal gains entry. Luckily, Armorcoat eliminates a burglar’s easiest access route – a broken window. By holding broken glass together after breaking, illegal access is much more difficult and less likely to occur.

Armorcoat has demonstrated its effectiveness as a crime deterrent again and again, all around the world. From deflecting molotov cocktails at a Promobank in Haiti to keeping would-be burglars at bay from a commercial facility in Michigan.


In the same way that Security Window Tinting protects and saves lives during a blast or explosion, its superior glass-retention properties are equally effective during storms and natural disasters. When high winds, hail storms, earth tremors or the like threaten the stability of a building, Armorcoat does its job by holding windows and glass firmly intact – away from the people and property it could cause harm.

Even large-scale facilities are susceptible to damage during violent weather or acts of nature – once a window is shattered, the building’s envelope is unsecured. Then, anyone or anything inside can fall victim to harsh weather and damage resulting from exposure.

Because weather and natural disasters are completely unpredictable, one of Armorcoat’s best features is its 24-hour protection. Once installed to your windows, Armorcoat will be on the job all day, every day. You don’t have to be on site to ensure its performance – it will be hard at work, protecting your property, whether you’re inside or far away.